PRIDE Seeds AgriShieldTM Seed Treatment System

AgriShieldTM Seed Treatment System from PRIDE Seeds offers a simple solution to the complex seed treatment options for soybeans. This simplified system allows growers to choose the right treatment options for their fields.

The PRIDE Seeds AgriShieldTM Seed Treatment System for Soybeans Provides:

  • An insecticide and fungicide option, as well as a fungicide-only option, and a dual-action inoculant option
  • Unsurpassed activity that allows seeds and seedlings to combat early- season insects and diseases, improving emergence and vigour
  • An effective way to protect growers’ high- value seed investment through enhanced protection of genetic yield potential
  • Mitigates risk from environmental conditions, providing confidence and peace of mind for an excellent start to the season

Untreated Seed
This option is available but does not include a warranty for stand loss caused by insects, seed, or soil-borne diseases.

AgriShield Seed Treatment System